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Refmad-V Enterprise, the FIRST Dragonfruit Plantation in Northern Philippines.


Our business begun in 2005, when our attention caught by a rare variety of cactus plant which did wonders to our cerebral palsy daughter. That lessened her spasticity and constipation. Likewise, paving a way for us to share, create employment, innovate thru by products from dragonfruit. Indeed our passion and faith move us in a position to be a leader in pursuing higher goals. The success of the company is a credit to the growers and the management of the company

Company’s vision is for growers to participate in marketing their crop and be part of the growing industry. Freshly picked, qualities sorted, securely packaged and market the produce grown by us and other farming company and individual growers are proudly distributed throughout the nation and international. This time more than a decade, the mission and vision of the company makes us stronger for we have already grown in number to meet the demands.


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