Refmad-V Enterprise. The FIRST Dragonfruit Plantation in Northern Philippines. Our business begun in 2005, with the the purpose  to produce a variety of fruiting cactus plant that will help our daughter’s cerebral palsy. As a result, her spasticity and constipation lessens. Most noteworthy, the success of the company is a credit to the growers and the management of the company. We hope to achieve this goal through decisive and purposeful planning.

We are a goal-oriented company. Our vision is for growers to participate in marketing their crop and be part of the growing industry. Freshly picked, quality sorted, securely packed. Finally, we market the produce grown by us, by other farm growers and individual growers. To be more assertive and opinionated with regards to the innovations that we produced.

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First of all, we lead the way. The mission of the company, who is a risk taker for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn, be fruitful and successful in the industry became the show window of a science and technology-based farm, almost maintaining a zero-waste agriculture, applying innovative technologies and opportunities for profitable growth on dragonfruit growers. Also, we take control in the production, processing and transport of fresh dragon fruit that comes with several value-added products. Be able to expand and explore the global market, participating in local and international trade fairs to gain more insights.

Another, we pursue specific goals in recognizing the world needs all the improvements and innovations we can develop. Furthermore, to continue to explore, improve, embrace change for future generation to reap. Finally with great pride, we voice our opinions to improve and contribute to the community’s livelihood of workers, share other farmer co-operators the acquired knowledge and technology in support of research and development from various government agencies.<