A Decade to remember and overwhelming acceptance to individuals who had join us in the Dragonfruit Industry. First of all, the passion and motivation coming from different people gives us the urge to continue and to expand what we have started. Also, promoting the industry local and internationally to gain knowledge and market for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as well as International. We make a point to visit and accommodate problems arising especially regarding to pests are one of our main concern. Be able to protect the growers as well as the produce. Furthermore, planning and looking for areas are also our concern to avoiding water log. Finally, barren or idle land areas that have sandy-loom and a good source of water or a reservoir are ideal for growing the plants.

Dragonfruit is a low maintenance plant. Because it can be manned by an individual or 2 for a hectare. For they have a monthly schedule for watering, putting organic fertilizer and up keeping the area. Due to the organized schedule, you can then see the good result. Meeting all the requirements and technology transfer applied.

In this industry we gain good income at the same time sharing the dragonfruits health benefits. Catering to young and old alike. Even more, growers are in the stage of expansion on planting more to cover local demand and in internationally aside form our latter Canada export. As a result, as we move towards to our 2nd decade, we pursue our mission and vision to share, assist and to protect the industry for future generations to come.


The Dragon Fruit Grower ARDELAVED Jalajala Rizal


The Dragon Fruit Growers San Jacinto Pangasinan


The Dragon Fruit Growers Lucena

The Dragon Fruit Grower Sabtang Batanes


The Dragon Fruit Growers Supiden Ilocos sur


The Dragon Fruit Growers Dumanjug Cebu


The Dragon Fruit Growers Bacolod


The Dragon Fruit Growers Gensan


The Dragon Fruit Growers Iloilo


Dragon Fruit Network JPM PITAYA FARM (Capiz, Panay)


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