Premium Dragonfruit Vinegar


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Premium dragonfruit vinegar is filtered
Premium Dragonfruit Vinegar

Premium dragonfruit vinegar is absolutely sour in taste as well as good for cooking and dipping. A teaspoon of it before or after meal time will balance your food intake. Vinegar usually refers to beverage made from dragonfruit extract. The taste is sour, sweet with a blend of little alcohol. Fermented and achieved the target sourly taste. Acetic acid fermentation converts it to cider vinegar. The mother vinegar prolongs the aroma and taste.

Dragon fruit is popular for its many health benefits. Take a teaspoon before or after meal time to balance the food intake specially eating meat or oily foods. Many farmers engaged in  dragon fruit production because not only it brings healthy benefits but also gives livelihood to most farmers after other crops harvested. And because it is also high demand for patients and individuals who use them for antioxidant such as person with problems of constipation and spasticity. For more information Contact us<

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