Dragonfruit Cuttings (10+1)


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Dragonfruit Cuttings

Dragonfruit cuttings originates in most hot weather areas. Sandy-loom soil that roots can easily passes through. When planting it, you need 4 cuttings per post. Post are can be 4-5 feet high above ground and 2 feet below ground for it to be sturdy otherwise low winds can easily uproot them. Watering them atleast 3-4 times a week it depends on the location. When planting you need organic fertilizer and basal in order to boost the plant as it grows. Furthermore you need to have iron bars and used tires for support to the plant as it grows at your desired height. 

If the planting was successful a new shoot will emerge. This usually takes between a week or two depending on the weather and location as well as how the caretaker takes cares of it. Use fertilizer sparingly of monthly depending on the type of soil being planted upon. There are soil that easily dries out and nutrients are a bit low. Therefore it is advisable for the farmer to check them from time to time if it needs more attention on adding fertilizer or watering them.
In favorable conditions, a dragonfruit plant grown from a cutting will flower and bear fruit within eight month, depends also on the maturity of the plant . These cactus blooms only at night, although there is some that blooms during the day.  If successfully pollinated, either self pollinated, hand pollinated or by bees pollinating them, flowers emerge and only last for 12 hours. Come next day the flower wilts and a come developing fruit on the vine. The fruit will become ripe in about a month after pollination.
This is a season fruiting cactus. Thereby it only produces on the month of May to November. And for older plants you may harvest  2 times a month. 

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