Process and Innovations of the company. Refmad farms on it’s incoming 2nd decade in dragonfruit industry. Now we can say, continue sharing and teaching for new growers/individuals to be aware what dragonfruit is all about is a success.

First of all, the company is also focusing on the innovations on what can we do to the excess fruits or partly damage produce that could be turn into by products. Also the company has made innovations from the stem to the flowers. Furthermore, we have products can only be seen and buy at the farm. Finally, the finished products such as the Ice Cream, Shanghai, Wine, Vinegar, Jam, baked goodies, powder juice, dehydrated dragonfruit, and our new innovation the coffee. Even more, we also have some made to orders such as longganisa and many more.

Let us make dragonfruit industry in the map of the Philippines. Beeing the youngest adaptor in Asian countries, we know we are going to have a name internationally. Now that we have already introduced our fresh product mainly Canada, still we are reaching more countries to promote our very own produce. It already have gain popularity in the mainstream. Reaching our goal id not far from succes.

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